Everything has Changed

Present,Past,Future just a circumstance
They are called time…
Time passed..
Memories created
but in this case no they are not

Everything has changed
by time passed..
you have changed
they have changed.

The way you treat me seriously different
Seriously so pitiful for myself
Seriously left some scars..
You treat me really different like the way
you treat them or even her
so nicely, so warmly, so friendly..

Funny right, why should i say these things
Those words all these things won’t even affect you
All things in your mind just her and them

Me? so then who was me for you once more?

A trash, or a useless thing that you can use then throw into somewhere
But her and them just like a diamond which are so precious to death..

So Funny i should have realized this in the past
That you never ever meant even just an alphabet in your words
Or even the way you act back then, just pretending

Should i cry, scream as loud as i can?
Should i get my revenge?

But the fact all things i can do just cryin’
Just sit from a far seeing that i’m just a glitch to you
Seeing for a far, even not get close to your territory
Cause now i know who i am and what i am for you

m e a n i n g l e s s
a t r a s h
a l r e a d y d u m p e d

sincerely, thank you past
i won’t forget this




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